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The BEST Commercial and Residential Pathogen Elimination-Air Purification System

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PlasmaGuard PRO Commercial

PlasmaGuard PRO Commercial


PlasmaGuard™ Technologies

Our experience with Non-Thermal Cold Plasma harmful particulate removal and organic destruction falls back over 40 years.   All of PlasmaGuard's™ technologies utilize cold plasma, which produces an electrostatic charge, an agglomeration, and a non-thermal flame-less plasma.  This results in the independently proven destruction of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. This is the safest and best air purification method available for use throughout all industries or any building. 

PlasmaGuard PRO Residential

PlasmaGuard PRO Residential

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PlasmaGuard PRO™ systems protect your co-workers, employees, family, and friends – eliminating up to 99.9% of airborne contaminates within minutes.* PlasmaGuard PRO™ systems achieve this by actively monitoring indoor air quality and actively controlling the movement of the purified air. PlasmaGuard PRO™ is the permanent air purification system that this changing world now demands.

* Please refer to TEST REPORTS for more detail.

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PlasmaGuard ELT™ was designed as the final air purification solution for all large industrial and commercial buildings. Each system is independently designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding applications to deliver 99.9% purified and safe air consistently.* Each system is self-cleaning, consumes very low power and comes with a 25 year warranty. Each system only uses the best available metal alloys for long life and maintenance-free operation. All controls can be monitored and modified by the end-user based on the demand and changes of the occupancy and anticipated contaminant load. All PlasmaGuard ELT™ will fully integrate into the existing HVAC systems with minimal intrusions or modifications.

* Please refer to TEST REPORTS for more detail.

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PlasmaGuard STAX™ systems are the permanent exhaust air solution for the industrial and marine industries. PlasmaGuard STAX™ systems flawlessly connect directly to a ship's exhaust or building’s smokestack and HVAC system. We use only the highest quality metal alloys for superior performance. Our system requires little to no maintenance and maintains extremely low operational costs with no additional burden to any electrical system.

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Contact us and let us provide you with the Solution

  1. On-site engineering visit and review if required

  2. We provide you with a detailed plan to become a Certified Clean-Air Building/Vessel 

  3. Conventional and lease financing options available